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HXCT16 Color Multiplexer
HXCT16 Color Multiplexer

Honeywell Video HXCT16 Color Multiplexer

Honeywell Video's HXCT16 Color Multiplexer combines the best of today's technology with superior functionality to bring you a versatile multiplexer that can easily be configured to meet your specific installation requirements.

The Triplex HXCT16 will simultaneously view, record and play back 16 camera inputs. The Multiplexer displays the cameras in a variety of views as well as four user-definable formats. In addition to the main monitor, the HXCT16 supports four separate spot monitors, which can be selected to display a specific camera, the entire sequence of cameras, or a user sequence.

In addition to the unit's convenient front panel controls, the HXCT16's user-friendly, mouse driven, on-screen menus make setup and operation quicker and easier than ever before. Easy-to-program features, such as video motion detection, alarm detection, day/night settings for each camera, and processing of alarm events can be set up on screen using a standard PS2 mouse (included). The familiar mousedriven functionality also allows changes, such as display formats, to be made easily.

The HXCT16 advanced features bring powerful, integrated solutions to your video system. Features like video motion detection, time synchronization of multiple multiplexers, flexible alarm processing and enhanced picture processing provide unparalleled image quality and unsurpassed performance.

The HXCT16 can be controlled remotely with a PC, or with the RapidView AKJX8A or HJZTP Dome/Multiplexer Controller. The HXCT16 is part of Honeywell Video's family of multiplexers featuring products of exceptional value and performance for everyday use.

  • Convenient operation using a PS2 mouse (included) or front panel controls
  • User-friendly menu structure for simplified operation and programming
  • Main monitor plus four individual spot (auxiliary) monitor outputs
  • Simultaneous recording, playback and viewing
  • Programmable vector-base motion detection with 256 target (16x16) grid per camera
  • RS232 or RS485 control
  • Alarm input per camera, selectable polarity
  • Supervisor code plus four user codes
  • Programmable day and night motion detection schedules
  • Multi lingual setup menus
  • Digital zoom (1x – 32x)
  • Capable of decoding tapes from many multiplexers
  • On-screen display includes time, date, alarm status, video loss and camera title
  • Multi-format decoding of major manufacturers' multiplexers, including: GYYR, Javelin, Panasonic, Sony and others.

Price: $1,143.45
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