HDMI-DVI Pony Tail Adapters

HDMI-DVI Pony Tail Adapters

Honeywell Crystal Series
HDMI-DVI Pony Tail Adapters


Designed for Home Theater Applications
The Crystal 7000 Series of Pony Tail Adapters allow the transmission of uncompressed high definition content between two interfaces. Unlike modular adapters that are difficult to integrate into an installation, the Crystal Series of pony tail adapters are flexible, allowing the installer to more easily hide the adapter and reduce the leverage at the point of the connection.

Crystal's 7000 Series of Pony Tail Adapters have been EYE Pattern Diagram tested to ensure the highest quality performance. All of the Crystal Pony Tail Adapters are 100% quality guaranteed.

Honeywell Crystal Series HDMI Ponytail Adapters
  • DVI in, HDMI out
  • 100% Guaranteed

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